Everyone: You’re too old for Disney movies
Me: image

Source: e-c-h-o-l-a-l-i-a

of what will happen next! Farewell Michael! :[

Facebook about it as well as a thrid friend texting me about this legends abrupt death. This- all of this- is big, and I can only dream

Michael Jackson just died, then my friend showed me, then literally 7 seconds after he told me, another friend made a status update on

What is more incredible to me is JUST how fast the news travels. Just now, I exprienced this: my friend’s mom heard from ESPN that

If you want to be a part of GatorNation, you better listen up! :]

hide-and-seek. Ultimately, I won, but we were both pretty proud of the fact that we both beat everyone else. It was a good night. C:

It was a heart wrenching moment, two of the most intellegent girls, but unfortunately only one could win in this age-old game of

Most of my floor just played hide- and- seek in complete darkness again. It was down to two aspiring journalists- Katie and myself!

Dr. John Freeman’s lecture to SJI students about how to use a camera

The first two days here at SJI

My student interview for SJI


As per our SJI schedule, we had Kristin Harmel come and speak to us about how to conduct a good interview. And within in the first few minutes of the presentation, all of her spectators were captured by what she was saying (with some help of her celebrity interviewees). But she kept her audience captivated by her vibrant personality and her valuable tips.

I thought that this was one of the most vital presentations thus far due to my unending interest in writing for magazines, traveling, and getting to meet the some of the most facinating personalities of our time. Keep it up Kristin!

Trying out my moblie Tumblr

First day in multimedia class.

First day in multimedia class.